Arman’s Current Journal

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14-15 years old

2018MayVisit of Arshid and DarleneThey came from LA to give a talk in our Persian cong and stayed the weekend with us.
2018MaySoloWe kept the family tradition and watched this latest Star Wars movie at Cinepolis (reserved seats and food and mom and dad can get drinks!)
2018MayMustacheHe shaved it for the first time. He actually did look younger afterward!
2018Junevisit to COWent to see Al cuz he has cancer and spent a day at the zoo with him. Very nice! Also saw Sandi who just had surgery. Celebrated her and Mark’s 23rd wedding anniversary at a BBQ party thrown by his daughter, Breanna, whom Arman had a crush on when he was a baby! Stayed with Gordji family and did many fun things like waterworld and lasertag.
2018June34th Bible ReadingJune 13th
2018Junestarted workingAt our restaurant, of course. He’s bussing tables, taking food to customers, and working the cash register. Customers keep telling him that his father ‘knows everything. Listen to him,’ which is awesome! He’s also getting tips from customers – $10 from one guy and his meal probably cost that amount.
2018Julylawyer-like still but also like a psychologistHe really understands things about people. Like he knows when we are not disciplining him in the right way and asks us to adjust. He also accepts our counsel as soon as we say it in the right way. Sounds like he’s the boss, but that’s not it. He is a kid so doesn’t respond well until we figure out how to explain it right. Then he totally acquiesces and says ‘ why didn’t you say that earlier?’
2018July35th bible readingJuly 31st
2018AugustCologneTook the boys to a cologne counter at Macy’s and had them test colognes out. Arman likes Eternity. It was neat to see what they liked and how they approached the experience.
2018AugustOnline SchoolTook the boys to a cologne counter at Macy’s and had them test colognes out. Arman likes Eternity. It was neat to see what they liked and how they approached the experience.
2018September36th bible readingSeptember 5th
2018October37th bible readingOctober 3rd
2018Octoberplaying footballHe’s been getting together with young brothers in a nearby English congregation to play on the weekends. He’s forging bonds!
2018NovembermaturingHe still has his moments (when he’s tired and/or hangry and/or hormonal), but overall, I see great improvement in his attitude regarding helping, accepting discipline, and his attitude.
2018Novemberkisses at nighthe gives his mama kisses at night; very sweet. wasn't showing much affection at all for a long time, but started doing this several months ago
2018Novembernailsafter several attempts at getting him to stop biting them, bribery worked! $100 and now his nails are nice and long and he doesn't even think of biting them
2018Decembersurfinghe went out for the first time with Dave and Richie; had a wetsuit on and all, but it was decided he needed more ocean swimming and safety before actually surfing, so catching a wave will have to wait!
2018Decembertaller than his mathat means he's at least 5'7" now
2018Decembervery insightfulhe detects moods and true motives of people
2018Decemberweight liftingDave is teaching him and his brother proper lifting technique; he's really getting into it. he was already into running and pull-ups
2018Decemberfamily worship project12/18: Arman drew the chariot of Ezekiel's vision in chapter 1 and Kamran drew Jehovah on the throne
2019Januarytrip to Coloradowent to CO for a long weekend. Stayed in Woodland Park and got snowed in. Watched lots of movies, played in the snow, skated with friends in CS, and rode on an ATV
2019Januarypioneer partywe had 26 pioneers at our house, seated at 3 tables, and he was a server for one of them. wore a white shirt and black pants and was very attentive
2019Januarybasketball at community centerhe and Dave go play basketball on Thursday nights at a community center. Arman is really getting good.
2019FebruaryCO visitbrother Beitz and his wife visited our cong. he gave great talks and motivating service meeting parts, especially on Friday which was all about youths. Arman got very emotional.
2019MarchFamily Nighthe did some line dancing and was a contestant in 'the price is right'
2019MarchPublic Witnessing at Balboa Parkhad much success; many Persian-speakers approached the table and carts
2019AprilBaptism Questionsstarted going over questions with elders - Al, Dave and Ricardo
2019JuneWorking at our restaurantstarted last summer, but is working more days this summer
2019JulyBaptismJuly 20th. Best day of his life!
2019AugustParis International Conventionfantastic display of brotherly love and jam-packed entertainment via tours, association, parties, etc.
2019Auguststarted collegetaking IT courses at Palomar
2019Augustrunning micshis first privilege after baptism. brothers spoke to both boys about doing it weeks ago, but this was a surprise to us. he even still commented while holding the mic. what a young man!
2019Septemberaux pioneeringfirst time auxiliary pioneering
2019Septemberpublic prayer09-05-19 - it was so sincere and logical, a re-cap of the CO’s comments as an expression to Jehovah to help us with it all in service.
2019Octoberpulling out of and into the drivewayhe’s taking advantage of all opps to get some driving practice in but this is all he can do till he gets the permit
2019Novemberstudying for his permithe hopes to get it on the day he turns 15.5!
2019DecemberPersian family reunionin Temecula - socal wine country for five days. huge mansion, great food and lots of board games.
2020Januarymid-year assessmentshe is at a 12th grade math level (he is a sophomore)
2020Januaryhis weekly routinein addition to school, he works 3 times, works out in the home gym, plays bball goes to mtgs and svc, and hangs out w friends.