Arman’s Current Journal

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14-15 years old
Year Month Title Description
2018 May Visit of Arshid and Darlene They came from LA to give a talk in our Persian cong and stayed the weekend with us.
2018 May Solo We kept the family tradition and watched this latest Star Wars movie at Cinepolis (reserved seats and food and mom and dad can get drinks!)
2018 May Mustache He shaved it for the first time.  He actually did look younger afterward!
2018 June Visit to CO Went to see Al cuz he has cancer and spent a day at the zoo with him.  Very nice!  Also saw Sandi who just had surgery.  Celebrated her and Mark’s 23rd wedding anniversary at a BBQ party thrown by his daughter, Breanna, whom Arman had a crush on when he was a baby!  Stayed with Gordji family and did many fun things like waterworld and lasertag.
2018 June 34th Bible Reading June 13th
2018 June Started working! At our restaurant, of course.  He’s bussing tables, taking food to customers, and working the cash register.  Customers keep telling him that his father ‘knows everything.  Listen to him,’ which is awesome!  He’s also getting tips from customers – $10 from one guy and his meal probably cost that amount.
2018 July Lawyer-like still but also like a psychologist He really understands things about people.  Like he knows when we are not disciplining him in the right way and asks us to adjust.  He also accepts our counsel as soon as we say it in the right way.  Sounds like he’s the boss, but that’s not it.  He is a kid so doesn’t respond well until we figure out how to explain it right.  Then he totally acquiesces and says ‘ why didn’t you say that earlier?’
2018 July 35th bible reading July 31st
2018 August Cologne Took the boys to a cologne counter at Macy’s and had them test colognes out.  Arman likes Eternity.  It was neat to see what they liked and how they approached the experience.
2018 August Online school The boys started an online school.  They have certain days/sessions where they must be online with a teacher and other students (called ‘class connect sessions’) but mostly they just learn on their own and do their own work.  Arman is really becoming responsible for his own education this way.
2018 September 36th bible reading September 5th
2018 October 237th bible reading October 3rd
2018 October Playing football He’s been getting together with young brothers in a nearby English congregation to play on the weekends.  He’s forging bonds!
2018 November Maturing He still has his moments (when he’s tired and/or hangry and/or hormonal), but overall, I see great improvement in his attitude regarding helping, accepting discipline, and his attitude.