Kamran’s Current Journal

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12-13 years old
2018NovemberMaking good decisionsHe recently decided to stop playing certain video games because he feels that they are holding him back spiritually (though I know they are not that bad).  We’re so proud of him!
2018Novemberfireplacehe enjoys running to and from the fireplace when we're in the family room watching a movie. yes, he blocks our view until he limits his movement, but he keeps on doing it, like he can't sit down; been doing it for years!
2018Novembermeetingsduring prayer, the three of us hug each other typically; during song, ma and Kamran typically move to the music together
2018Decemberspiritual convoshe's had many such convos with his ma for months now, ever since he decided to limit his digital playing. but the other day, he had a 4-hour convo with a friend and it was mostly about spiritual topics!
2018Decemberdaily text commentwe do a daily text chat where we summarize the text and one day re spiritual armor, he wrote: we need to build up metaphorically our shield of faith. he's very verbal!
2018Decemberfunny email to his teacherhe wrote: do i need to retake the interim assessment? i see that on my calendar it says that the class connect is happening, but it is very vague. an answer would be appreciated.

like a businessman!
2018December40th % for height and weightregarding this, he said "being shorter, i can get away with more things ... climbing under tables, fitting into a car ..." very funny kid!
2018Decemberweight liftingDave is showing him and Arman how to lift. K is so into it, that he's started curbing his snacking!
2019Januarydedicationwith heartfelt prayer, he made it to Jehovah
2019Januarypioneeringhe wants to start asap
2019JanuaryColoradowent to CO for a long weekend. Stayed in Woodland Park and got snowed in. Watched lots of movies, played in the snow, skated with friends in CS, and rode on an ATV.
2019Januarypioneer partywe had 26 pioneers at our house, seated at 3 tables, and he was a server for one of them. wore a white shirt and black pants and was very attentive
2019FebruaryCO visitbrother Beitz and his wife visited our cong. he gave great talks and motivating service meeting parts, especially on Friday which was all about youths
2019Februaryguitarhe's teaching himself guitar
2019MarchPublic Witnessing at Balboa Parkhad much success; many Persian-speakers approached the table and carts
2019AprilP.E. testinghe did well in all activities/events - situps, pushups, and running
2019Mayhome gymhe helped Dad assemble the home gym - squat rack and bench press
2019AprilBaptism Questionsstarted questions with the elders - Joel, Felipe, and Aaron
2019JuneChesshe's learning to play from Dave
2019JulyBaptism7/20 - best day of his life!
2019AugustParis International Conventionfantastic display of brotherly love and jam-packed entertainment via tours, association, parties, etc.
2019Septemberaux pioneerfirst time auxiliary pioneering
2019Septembermic privilegesfirst time was at the mid-week mtg on 9-3-19 during the CO visit
2019Septemberpublic prayer09-05-19 - it was beautiful, so warm and encouraging. he prayed for our field and people’s difficult backgrounds.
2019Octoberbikinghe picked this up again and is really enjoying it. it’s his outdoor thing now.
2019Novemberchecking account with a debit cardhe has been so excited about getting this and had to be 13 so at 9am that day we were at the bank!
2019DecemberPersian family reunionin Temecula, CA at a sprawling estate in wine country. 5 days of good food and board games!
2020Januarycodinghe is learning c#. says he wants a job that allows u to work remotely, pays well, and allows for pioneering.
2020Januarynew routinehe wakes at 5am which means he is getting to bed around 9pm.
2020Januaryfinally flossing every night!part of his new routine. says he is worried about his teeth.